Teaching Portfolio

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness (2017)

(University student feedback forms, classroom observation/evaluations, etc)

List of Courses Taught:

University of Central Oklahoma

              FRCH 1114 Elementary French 1

              FRCH 2113 Intermediate French 1

              FRCH 2223 Intermediate French 2

              FRCH 3103 Early French Culture and Civilization

              FRCH 3113 Early Modern French Culture and Civilization

              FRCH 3153 The French Scene

              FRCH 3213 French Phonetics and Pronunciation

              FRCH/HIST 3243 History of French Feminism (new course developed Gender/Sexuality Major)

              FRCH 3990 La Bande Dessinée: French Comics and Culture

              FRCH 4910 Capstone Seminar – Reading the French Renaissance

              FRCH 4930 – Independent Study: LGBT Representation in French Young Adult Novels

CU Boulder

              FREN 1010 Beginning French 1

              FREN 1020 Beginning French 2

              FREN 1200 Medieval Epic through the Lens of Game of Thrones

              FREN 2110 2nd Year French: Grammar and Reading 1

              FREN 2120 2nd Year French: Grammar and Reading 2

              FREN 3010 French Phonetics and Pronunciation

              FREN 3110 Main Currents of French Literature 1 – De Roland à Rousseau

              ITAL 1400 / FREN 1400 Medieval/Renaissance Women Writers in Italy and France (TA)

              ITAL 1500 That’s Amore: Introduction to Italian Culture (TA)

              ITAL/HUMN 4150 Boccaccio’s Decameron: Tales of Sex and Death in the Middle Ages (co-instructor)

Université Paris 13 Nord

              L1, L2, L3 phonétique de l’anglais

              L1, L2 compréhension orale

              L1, L2, L3 expression orale

              L2, L3, M1 anglais pour non-spécialistes

Université François Rabelais

              L1, L2 phonétique de l’anglais

              L1 LEA compréhension orale

              L2 LEA expression orale

              L1, L2 anglais pour non-spécialistes

Academic Leadership

Full Portfolio (2017): teaching-portfolio-appleby

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