Teacher Resources

Creating Communicative Activities (GTP workshop 10/16/15 & 9/9/16)

Quick tips to add more classroom speaking time, minute by minute

Smartphone Apps for Game-Based Learning in the Classroom (GTP workshop 2/8/16)

Using Comics for Second Language Learning: an ACTFL Perspective (presentation for Denver Comic Con Educators’ day 6/17/16 – with Leah Holz, ABD, and Erik Nesse, PhD)

Collaborative Writing Strategies (GTP workshop 9/23/16)

Comics for Alternative and Formative Assessment Across the Curriculum (Presentation for Denver Comic Con Educators’ day 6/30/17 – with Kelly Drumright, MA, and Micheal Sebulsky, MM) First link is slides only, this is a recap and explanation.

Introductory Questionnaire – Setting the Tone for a Gender Inclusive Classroom

Recommended Books:

Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks, Wendy Laura Belcher – This book changed my life as an academic! Get it on Amazon here or access her free worksheets and other information at wendybelcher.com

Daily Writing tips from Zen Habits This is a short blog that is very similar to Belcher’s advice, but stripped down to the minimum. It’s great for reminding yourself and refreshing the habit.

The Divine Guide to Creating a Daily Writing Practice, Pernille Norregaard – A short read and geared towards creative writers, but the advice applies to daily academic writing as well. Get it free on Amazon Kindle here.

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