Collaborative Writing Strategies

This is a post for graduate teachers particular, those who might most benefit from strategies for balancing research with teaching and other responsibilities.

This was born out of a publishing group I participated in through the CU Boulder Graduate Teacher Program during summer 2016. There, I learned the value of sharing the writing process with others; it helped increase productivity on multiple projects and decrease feelings of isolation after hanging out alone with my dissertation for months.

I wanted to bring back what I learned to my colleagues in the French and Italian Department, so I set up this following workshop to foster collaborative and social writing by establishing writing plans in small groups. The goals of such a strategy are (1) foster collegiality and shared investment in each other’s work, (2) develop sustainable writing habits, (3) find time for productive research writing amid other responsibilities, (4) normalize the writing process by sharing struggles and successes, (5) establish editing partners and an editing schedule, (6) increase productivity by keeping each other on track.

Access the workshop Prezi here.

Find the PDF worksheet here: collaborative-writing-workshop-plan

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