Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Assessment and Evaluation of Teaching

Teaching Observation of Fren1200, Medieval Epic Through the Lens of Game of Thrones, by  Prof Chris Braider, 9/26/16: class-evaluation

My Average Instructor Rating (2008-16):   5.63 / 6

Department of French and Italian Average Instructor Rating (2008-16):   5.36 / 6

College of Arts and Sciences Average Instructor Rating (2008-16):   5.1 / 6

(Department statistics available at https://fcq.colorado.edu/dept_summary.htm)

Summary of all my CU career FCQ scores currently available online (2008-2015) (details available for each course at https://fcq.colorado.edu/UCBdata.htm ) :


All student comments from FCQs for Fren2120 SP2015 (originals available on request):

Instructor Rating for this class: 5.4

“The material was hard but you presented it really well and lessened the stress of having to learn so many very tenses! Thanks!”

“By far my favorite prof that I have had! Mlle Appleby not only clarified difficult material but she was always willing to help and work with me understanding the material. Thank you for a great year/semester”

“This course finally allowed me to understand why different grammar rules exist and how to use them. Jessica did a great job at teaching the material and encouraging interest.”

“I thought the scavenger hunt was a fun way to learn the vocab, and I enjoyed doing speaking exercises in class.”

“Teacher is fun, approachable, and very helpful. Good class.”

“This class was really good for leaning grammar, and you explained things really well. Maybe a suggestion would be to have more homework to turn in, just so we can see where we need improvement.”

“I really enjoyed the class and she was always available for extra help.”

“I really enjoyed this class and feel like I learned a lot this semester. I know my French has improved a lot from this class!”